Bring back the hosepipe ban!

Broadcast – 28 March 2007 (though emailed on 27th – just goes to show sometimes Sir T hangs on to emails for more than one day!)

Fearful of the next hosepipe ban about to be imposed as we haven’t had any rain for the last five days and so must be approaching drought conditions, I rushed out yesterday and bought a smart new spray nozzle for the hosepipe.

After spending considerable time and effort removing it from its packaging I attached it to the hosepipe and turned on the water.

I was just marvelling at the wonders of the different types of spray I could achieve with a gentle twist of the nozzle when the contraption disengaged itself from the pipe, soaking me from head to foot in a violent deluge of water.

Bring on the next ban I say. I can’t cope



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