Just an observation

I seem to have lost my knack of getting under the razor wire since we returned from hols! Nothing broadcast in weeks

Hey ho. I shan’t give up!


Hugh Grant and the tin of beans – 27 April

I see from today’s Daily Telegraph (other newspapers are available) that Hugh Grant has been throwing tins of baked beans at a photographer whilst out jogging.

As a non-jogger I am not familiar with the kit required for this activity but I have to admit a tin of baked beans is not something that I would have considered as essential to carry about one’s person.

As a keep fitness fanatic yourself perhaps you could advise me. What is the tin of beans for?

Essential sustenance ‘en route’ (to quote dear Jenny B) or purely there to throw at those blocking your path and so your route to fitness.

Thank you

Migrant Workers – 27 April 07

So Migrant workers are not being paid the minimum wage.

Given you daily effort seems to be run entirely by Migrant Workers from either Scotland or Wales (we will ignore your origins for now), are you as the Gang Master paying them their just desserts?  Or is payment purely in snorkers and other vittles?

I can see that Bowles woman from Wales is being paid by the word –  it would explain all the current  travel chaos we’re suffering.  Please remind her she can’t clog up the roads and mess up the trains purely for her own financial gain – the country is grinding to a halt.

And as for Beryl Ann you must be paying him to keep his mouth shut as he hardly ever says anything – I don’t call that value for money.

Well  I’m glad I got that off my liberty bodice.

Suggest you take the next 2 days off to recover from your strenuous week

Branson airbrushed out by BA – 26 April 07

I see from last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph (other papers were available) that BA have airbrushed Branson and the Virgin logo from their in-flight films

The reason given by the BA Spokesman was “We want to ensure films contain no material that might upset our customers”.

Now I know the sight of Sir Richard may be a little disconcerting to some and the concept of a Virgin but a hazy memory to most, but I do feel there are much more upsetting things in life!

Hey ho!

Thames Water – not broadcast. 26 April 07

My dispute with Thames Water (other water companies are NOT available here) over my father’s bill roles on. It’s now hit 6 months – cause for celebration.
Why I need Power of Attorney to discuss THEIR incorrect data is beyond me, but I have negotiated that hurdle and I trundle on!

Last week’s gem: “Your father should have paid the incorrect bill. You should not have been advised to withhold payment.”

Me: “But the bill was astronomic – he can’t afford to pay for the entire South East” (I grant you I have now resorted to some exaggeration!).

Accounts Person: “We will be sending you an amended bill in the next 10 days which your father should ignore. We will then send him the correct bill in the next 20 days, which he should pay.”


The sun shone down on England – 25 April 07

The sun shone down on England
The paving stones did crack
But Monday morning beckoned
To work we all went back

But not so our young Terry
With one eye on the weather
He called in on a ‘sicky’
A chesty cold; – whatever.

But dear Wogan should have thought ahead
It’s Franny’s week again
The sun went into hiding
The weather turned to rain!

The rain lashed down around him
Stuck inside was our Sir Tel
So he went back to work on Wednesday
And the sun returned as well.

Sir T is off ill – or so he claims – Monday 23 April

I do think he should warn us if he is going to throw a sicky. I spent ages on Sunday evening composing some of – what I consider – to be my best work. I emailed them promptly as I always do, only to find he hadn’t turned in this morning.

It just won’t do.