Migrant Workers – 27 April 07

So Migrant workers are not being paid the minimum wage.

Given you daily effort seems to be run entirely by Migrant Workers from either Scotland or Wales (we will ignore your origins for now), are you as the Gang Master paying them their just desserts?  Or is payment purely in snorkers and other vittles?

I can see that Bowles woman from Wales is being paid by the word –  it would explain all the current  travel chaos we’re suffering.  Please remind her she can’t clog up the roads and mess up the trains purely for her own financial gain – the country is grinding to a halt.

And as for Beryl Ann you must be paying him to keep his mouth shut as he hardly ever says anything – I don’t call that value for money.

Well  I’m glad I got that off my liberty bodice.

Suggest you take the next 2 days off to recover from your strenuous week


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