Chaos with tomato ketchup and muesli decorating

Broadcast 3 May

The last 24 hours has been somewhat unusual in the Whitebytts household.

Last night The Major ignored the standard caution

“Tomato ketchup, shake the bottle. None’ll come and then the Lot’ll”

and successfully covered himself, me and a large part of the kitchen in pretty red blodges. After having had to strip off our outer garments to distance ourselves from the sauce we lost interest in clearing up.

This morning Dickie attacked the new packet of muesli with more gusto than was advisable – and deposited the entire contents over – yes you’ve guessed it – a large part of the kitchen.

How interesting it is to see little flakes of oats and fruit attached to blobs of red on our once yellow walls – it’s been a whole new decorating experience.



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