The continuing saga of our Thames Water Bill

Why is my life so complicated.  I don’t ask for much – nor does Major Dickie since it was me that spent a large part of the evening removing the tomato ketchup and muesli from the walls!!  He is definitely keeping a low profile

How come then the simple business of paying the water bill has turned into a drama.  Due to failings by dear Thames Water we had a bill which appeared to be for most of the South East of England.  After several calls to their ‘billing department’ we have now been sent a bill which stated we should pay – but have been told to  ignore and a 2nd bill which had “IGNORE” printed all over it – which the Billing Dept. said we should pay – despite it being a credit.

So do we ignore the Credit and pay the bill or ignore the bill and also ignore the IGNORE on the Credit and ask for our money.
I can’t cope – I am going to lie down in a darkened room.



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