The M4

Ah the joys of the M4 – so loved by us all! All those drivers multi-tasking as they hurtle along in the fast lane. I am particularly fond of the man who insists on shaving and then there’s the girl putting on her mascara – what fun it is keeping out of their way as they weave their merry way.

The other day however a new sight greeted us. Hanging from the rear-view mirror of this particular car – driven I hasten to add by a young gal – A bra and pair of knickers! Which the girl in question kept fondling – no other word for it.

What troubles me is – was she driving in the buff? Why was her underwear hanging up for all to see? Was she drying her underwear prior to putting it on? I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer to any of these musings.

Major Dickie tells me he is really quite keen to meet her!



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