Janet and John go to Buckingham Palace

Recently a friend of mine called Janet (and, yes, married to a John!) received a ‘gong’ in the Birthday Honours List.

Inspired by Mick Sturbs (who is the complete master of these stories and whose ability I cannot reach)  I wrote the following for her:

Janet & John Go to Buckingham Palace

Today, Janet & John are going to Buckingham Palace

Janet has won an award. Clever Janet.

John has allowed Janet to buy a new frock.

See John’s empty wallet.

Poor John.

See Janet skip and twirl around.

Can you skip and twirl? Janet can’t.

Janet has also bought a new hat.

Can you see Janet under her new hat?

Soon they arrive at Buckingham Palace. John has to go and sit in a special place so he can watch. John has brought his camera along to take pictures. John likes photography. See the photos of pretty ladies in Thailand.

Janet has to go and sit with the other people who have won awards. Janet is sitting next to Pastor Over.

“Hello Janet” says Pastor Over

“Hello” says Janet. “Do you like my felt hat?”

“Oh Yes – it’s very nice” Says Pastor Over. “I am very excited about my award.”

Soon the time has come for the awards.

Janet is given her award by the Queen. Janet chats away to the Queen.

See the long queue behind Janet.

When Janet meets up with John, John says “Did you enjoy getting your award? Did you behave yourself?”

“Oh yes” says Janet. “I sat next to Pastor Over. Pastor Over felt my cloche and said it made him very excited. He said he’d never felt such a soft one. The Pastor also allowed me to stroke his topper which was very hard and big – much bigger than your topper, John.”

See John start to cry. Poor John!


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