A verse to Kate Humble

Broadcast 1st verse – Bill Oddie  interrupted and the last 2 verses remained unheard!
Spring Watch visit by Terry on behalf of Children in Need:
A Verse to Kate Humble –

Not that many men appear to be averse to Kate Humble!!

“Oh to have a tumble,
in a ditch with Kate Humble
To frolic over hill and down dale.
To see ducks that are Ruddy
With that expert – Bill Oddie
Whose calls attract the birds without fail.

For it’s every man’s dream
Or so it would seem
To view Kate’s birds which are said to be blue.
Although it is known
That her tits have all flown
Our Terry wishes to check this is true!

So in search of some provender
To Devon he’ll wander
Where the roadkill has yet to be hit.
Down in a ditch and the dirt
Upwind of Bill’s shirt
And all just to view some great tits!”


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