Celebrity Master Chef – new cringe levels

I imagine you were unable to feast your eyes on last night’s episode – feasting as you were with Kate and Bill. Suffice it to say, it reached new cringe making levels and therefore compulsive viewing!

Lots of undercooked or overcooked food and Craig Gravel-Hardstanding having the shakes so badly he couldn’t even hold the tongs!
The quality of the ‘plates of food’ fared predictably badly with the 3 food writer critics – fortunately our Gregg and our John decided to ignore some of the more unkindly comments and go with their own views! Always good to get others to comment and then ignore them!

By the way it appears to me that John Terode is sprouting hamster type cheek pouches. I suppose he finds them useful for storing all that food he forks into his mouth!

Hope the overnight ditch was comfortable and dry


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