A failure week ended in success of a sort

So I didn’t do too well last week. In fact as far as the programme was concerned I didn’t feature at all. It was a difficult week as the PC got ‘hit’ by the storm on Tuesday night.

Anyway I did manage to send a few emails in on Wednesday but to no avail. Nada.

Then surprise, surprise. On Sunday I was happily reading the Sunday Telegraph where the great man has a column and I got quoted from one of my missives.

So what did I write about I hear you ask! Well as all good TOGs know the Vatican found time to issue a new set of Driving Commandments…. Now follows my bit in Sir Ts comment of the subject (he did change it a bit! – Gosh aren’t I honest):

“So now, not only are we faced with our daily dice with death on the roads from drivers using their mobile phones, shaving, reading newspapers, or applying mascara, they’re going to be making the Sign of the Cross and saying a little prayer as well, God help us….”


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