Charles & Lynn plan a take over


Charles, Charles
IvaNove, IvaNove
Newsreader by decree
Had great plans for advancement
Down at the BBC.
Charles, Charles said to Lynn; Lynn he said, said he
Let’s block up the roads with traffic
Let’s block up the A- Fortee

So Charles
He blocked the road with lorries
And Lynn put out a decree
“Terry is stuck in Traffic –
He can’t make it here you see!
We asked for more time on air but he wouldn’t listen to our plea
So we had to take some action
We’ve stopped him getting to the BBC!”

So Charles
and Lynn took over.
They planned to put the show on air
They also changed the slogan
To “Wake up with Gaelic Flair”.
But Terry escaped the traffic and took the tube instead
And arrived at the studio door
In time to cut the pretenders dead!




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