Pride cometh before a fall – and I’ve just found out – it hurts!

Broadcast(well the 1st paragraph)
I suppose it serves me right for mocking you for falling downstairs!
As I made my unceremonious descent of our stairs yesterday morning the thought crossed my mind that it must be your fault for subconsciously planting the idea in my failing brain!

I have to say I did let go of the items I was carrying in a vague attempt to rescue myself!

The Major – mindful of his ’duty of care’ – offered me a cup of tea when he found me whimpering on the floor!

You were lucky – I spent a pleasant afternoon at our local A & E – nothing broken but I now have a set of crutches to prod the Major into action should he shirk his duties!

So all I can say is how Very Sorry I am about your accident. You have my complete sympathy and I wish to retract any statement I made earlier in the week!


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