A very weak Link!

As you were otherwise engaged – entertaining the nation – on Saturday evening, you will have missed the weakest ‘ Celebrity Weakest Link’ ever to have been recorded.

Goodness knows who the young bimbos were but their collective IQ can’t have been above a generous 4!  Even the questions had been  specially dumbed down!

Question:  Which chef has size 15 feet:  Gordon Ramsey or Delia Smith?

Contestant:  Delia?

Question:  Which is the highest mountain in the Himalayas that begins with E?

Contestant:  Oxygen!

The intelligence  – or the lack of it  – of the contestants was breathtaking!

There was only one poor girl who had any clue and the others voted her off  before the last round – reason:  She’s too bright!

Poor Ann.  By the end of the programme I actually began to feel quite sorry for her!


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