Ode to Lynn Bowles on this – International poetry day

So our traffic-tottie Lynn
Likes a good slurp of gin
To Start the day off just right.
But add a little tonic
To make her drink “Iconic”
Then hopefully she won’t end up tight!

For to have a tight Lynn
Would be a great sin
As the traffic reports go all askew.
And as the motorways shut
And the motorists “tut tut”
The BBC just might search for somebody new!.


2 Responses

  1. Tansy Whitebits, what a tease,
    Can we have proof Sir Terry PLEASE?
    Are they large or are they small,
    Or are there NONE, no not at all?

    Is she a really comely lass?
    Forgive me Father, I’ll got to Mass.
    A buxom wench like Sally B,
    Or more like Lynne but still a B?

    She fills my thoughts and FIRES my ardour,
    But age has won and nothings harder.
    But then I think I’m on a march,
    Is what I need called ‘Robin Starch’?

    And so to dreams of what could be.
    White Bits concealed in a a White Teddie
    Or is it to much for me to ask,
    See Tansy in a see through Basque?

  2. Lynne Bowles, a travel lass from Splott,
    Is what all TOGS wish that they had got.
    For Sweetheart, Wife or just a Friend,
    With her box of tools you know she’ll mend,
    A broken heart, a leaking sump,
    A flattened tyre that needs a pump.
    In skimpy top and cut off shorts,
    Bore Da she smiles as she reports.
    Then sets to work at such a pace,
    The smile quite never leaves your face.
    Of Cardiff girls, she beats the lot
    The Sex Goddess that comes from Splott.

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