Good old Bloomin-eck and his Peking Duck


Fantastic – Good old Bloomin-eck and his Peking Duck

Major Dickie was thrilled – at last an opportunity to use the foot-pump,  and to test his sewing skills when he pegs out the duck skin on the cooking rack.

He’s planning to follow Heston’s recipe to the letter  – by starting tonight he hopes to have his Peking Duck ready for eating by the Chinese New Year in 2008!

I have dissuaded him from taking the duck to the local petrol station to ‘blow it up’ as I don’t think petrol fumes will add to the flavour

However as the alternative is using the foot-pump  in the kitchen  sadly I foresee a 3rd redecoration of the kitchen coming up!



2 Responses

  1. I think Major Dickie is now thoroughly put off the exercise. I don’t think we have a large enough kitchen, cooker, fridge, freezer……..

  2. if Major Dickie is indeed considering an attempt at the Peking Duck, get him to read this post.

    There are a few pitfalls he might be able to avoid (which I unfortunately didn’t!)

    Good Luck!

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