The Tudors – come on – Get it Off


Ah it’s Friday again (who says I’m not observant), and another episode of the
Risqué romp that is “The Tudors”. I do hope we are in for a better episode than last week’s – which was sadly lacking in risk and romp!

We still have high hopes of a good raunchy scene between Henry and Ann – though I have to say Henry seems to have lost the will to strip off in recent weeks. Perhaps it’s the colder weather we’re experiencing at the moment.


Deadly on his bed of pain (alan dedicoat)

So Deadly has failed to turn in again! Claims to be on a bed of pain and well done to dear Fran for keeping the show on the road – you can always rely on a Good Woman to do her bit!

Anyway, personally, I doubt Deadly‘s illness.

One day off sick is permissible, two days is allowable but Three – ‘Lack of Morale Fibre’ That’s what I call it.

And – isn’t it his birthday this weekend. I bet he’s just mustering his strength to enable him to blow out that huge number of candles.

I suggest you conduct one of those dreaded “Return to work” Interviews with him next time he rolls in.

Heston Bloomin-eke and the baked alaska

It’s been another exciting evening in the Whitebytts household.

Major Dickie caught up with Heston Bloomin-eck’s latest offering and has spent the entire evening concocting in the kitchen.

After several hours he has only succeeded in making the cake section of the recipe, though the kitchen looks as if a bomb has hit it.

The results have been exciting but not really up to Heston’s standard – Suffice it to say –  we do now have some excellent loft insulation – which even the resident mice won’t be able to gnaw their way through!

Terry Wogan – Wogan’s Twelve

I hope you are pleased with the sales of your latest tome.  For reasons that escape me I now seem to be in possession of  THREE copies – all of which I seem to have paid for!

Major Dickie is VERY concerned for my sanity – and in this instance I have to agree with him as I can’t remember how all this came about.  I blame that Ebay auction where I got carried away with the bidding!

Cranford and the railway

Given the high number of spinsters living in the town, I do hope “Virgin Trains” wins the franchise when the railway finally reaches Cranford!

The Tudors – Maidenhead remains intact

Broadcast – well the essentials!

You were, of course, right about Maidenhead. Reluctantly – I bow to your superior knowledge.

However, The Major and I were somewhat surprised at Catherine’s sudden claim to have arrived as Henry’s bride in full ownership of Maidenhead.

As for the rest of the episode, we were sadly disappointed with the lack of progress and risqué romps on Friday night.

All this despite Henry’s envoys whizzing back and forth to Paris and Rome at speeds which would be the envy of many an airline today.

I do think that a level of resolution to the current unsatisfactory “state of affairs” needs to come about – after all he’s got several more wives to get through yet and at this rate I’ll die of old age before the end – never mind Henry.

The Tudors – The siege of Maidenhead part 2


Good morning My Liege

The Whitebytts household is waiting with eager anticipation for tonight’s episode of ‘The Tudors’.

We’re not bothered about the factual content – Not at all – who Cares!

The questions here are

Will Henry and Anne finally get their kit off?

Will there be another revealing risqué romp?

And if so will they also discuss the outstanding issue of the Siege of Maidenhead.

Will Henry succeed at last and storm the walls or will Maidenhead remain intact.