Terry’s book signing in Chesham

Broadcast – Thursday 8 Nov

Terry at Waterstones Chesham

Good to see you take Chesham by storm yesterday! The queue must have been at least 20 yards long. The man from the local newspaper said he’d never seen anything like it in Chesham before!

And what a lovely Toggy queue – we had a really jolly and friendly time watching the passers-by who were so thrilled to have their shopping disrupted!

You’ll be pleased to know how Un-known you really are. Comments like “Terry Who?“ And “Never heard of him” abounded.

But the best one from a ‘not very’ cheerful lady who muttered “Why do ‘THEY’ have to let him come here on Market Day, disrupting the place?”

Well it’s obvious isn’t it – You were clearly intent on a bit of good bargain basement shopping after the exertions of the pen-pushing. Well done for keeping your Carbon Footprint down.

Good work!
( see Welcome all Togs for one other picture)

The Togmeister The Togmeister at work!


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