Poor “Auntie Caroline”


Overheard – Mother and young daughter in the checkout queue in front of me on Sunday.

Mother: “Auntie Caroline has written lovely letter to say she would like a head-torch for Christmas – for her travels”.

Mother then picks up a very ordinary looking boxed, pen set from the adjacent display.

Mother: “Do you think she would like this – we need a present for her and this would be easy to post?”

Daughter: “I thought she wanted a head-torch”

Mother: “Yes she does …………. We will get this, this will do fine.”

So all I can say is – Bad luck Auntie Caroline (wherever you are!) you’re going to get a pen set which – by evidence of your letter – you clearly don’t need. Next time flash the message to them using a torch – you’re bound to get a new one that way!


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