Packaging is the devil these days…….

I was feeling very proud of my achievement this weekend, having successfully removed the packaging from the new Shower Head and ONLY sustaining 3 cuts, 2 broken finger nails and no gashed arteries!

I then went in search of elastoplasts to cover my wounds.

Horror! I was faced with a new – sealed – plastic box of the things.

It took several minutes with the judicious use of a screwdriver to gain entry during which I gouged a hole in my thumb, covering the screwdriver in blood.

At last I found the bandages ……. Success – of course not – each of these innocuous items was sealed in its very own individual cellophane cover with the helpful instruction to “Peel Back.”

Impossible – none of my fingers were now up to such an intricate manoeuvre.

I resorted to the scissors

Finally I managed to remove the wrappers and cover my wounds.

The bathroom looks like the aftermath of a chainsaw massacre.

Why can’t life be simpler??????


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