A Tog first Wedding Anniversary this weekend

Lord Moor Common and Tansy and Major Dickie Whitebytts would all like to say

“Well done” to James and Elizabeth for achieving their First Year of married bliss!

“Keep up the good work”


Earthquakes – Did the earth move for you?

Good Morning Johnny

So did the earth move for you last night? Or for Deadly? Or maybe for Bobby.

It did for Major Dickie Whitebytts…….. But not for me………So often the way I find!

Oh well maybe next time

Bring on Deadly


Now that Deadly appears to have taken up permanent residency of the morning slot please can he be useful.

Let’s have some more Deadly-oke!

Tansy Whitebytts

So I presume my email had the desired effect as the nation sang along to “Tulips from Amsterdam!”

Well Done Deadly – we all enjoyed it!

Dear Johnny still has trouble with my surname though!

Happy Sunday evening

Contemplating the joys of travel during the up-coming week.

Please, keep the M4 crash free and let me get home every evening before 7.00pm

The joys of the M4

It really would be so much better if people could:

a) keep a sensible distance from each other
b) try to remain of their wheels
c) stop trying to modify the shape of the central reservation barrier.

That’s it really – I feel better now for airing my views!

Lord Moor Common

It’s been an interesting week so far. LMC had one of his tia’s on Monday – always exciting for his heirs!

As an obsessive sudoku solver – it’s this that seems to come to the top of his mind when he is in ‘confused mode’. And hunting for the 6 in the teapot, the 7 in the bread-bin and the 4 on the ceiling can be amusing but not very productive!

He’s better now and cheerfully sees the funny side of it.

Johnnie Walker

So far this week, the music he’s playing has been great.  And I do think bringing Deadly in as often as possible is a good move.

The early morning listener is used to the banter and it’s the banter that gets us to work – as well as the music – so hopefully we will get more.

Personally I need to laugh as I drive to work!

 I would prefer it if he read out less boring requests – but hey ho I suppose we can’t have everything.