Back from our Hols!

Well we had a great time! Islay and Jura are both beautiful islands and the whisky on both is excellent. 9 different distilleries in all so a lot of fun can be had on the tasting front.

Major Dickie took lots of photos of birds (the feathered variety – the other sort were still in their winter plumage so not quite so enticing!)

We spent my birthday on Jura and then the Major took me to The Harbour Inn in Bowmore for a good slap up meal so I had a very nice day!


The Great British Menu is foaming all over the place


I’m worried!

Time was when everything was garnished with a couli – which always conjured up images of a Vietnamese in a large brimmed hat!

Now! Now the “In Thing” is FOAM.

Foam over everything. And it’s no good – I keep thinking of Baldrick in Blackadder, spitting in the coffee to give it a foam topping!

Life if the Freezer – or Islay as it’s called!

Amazing – your dulcet tones reach all the way up here!It’s not that it’s cold here. It’s just that we’ve needed 5 layers of clothing to keep warm – and that’s when we’re indoors.

The locals of course are all going round in T-shirts!

Food stocks are fine! Though trying to catch one of the barnacle geese is testing Major Dickie’s inginuity a little far!.

The wonderful M4 matrix signs

A Big thank you to the chaps in charge of the matrix signs on the M4

Last night they thought it worth their while to slow us all down so we could view a stranded car on the hard shoulder.

Wow!  What a sight.  I’m so glad for the opportunity!

Perhaps this theme could be developed and the Signs could be used to point out special Scenic sights – pieces of architecture for instance – like bridges…..

We’re off on hols – Hoorah

So these Northerners are hardy are they?

That’s it – I’ve heard enough!

We’re off ‘Up North’ to see these hardy folk for ourselves.

And If I find that the men on Islay are NOT going round in shorts and T-shirts. Or aren’t in Kilts and bearing their legs to the wind, I shall be sorely disappointed.

Major Dickie is hoping for cold weather and girls in skimpy clothing……

I shall report back in a week. That’s if we don’t get frozen in!!

Aah just what we need – more cookery


Glad to see the schedulers have returned us to Wall-to-Wall cookery programmes.

I do so hate change and the last couple of weeks have been sadly lacking in the cookery department!

But it’s back:


Or should that be called


And the Director has got her using big words now: – Eponymous – was last night’s effort – well done!

Talking of Cookery

What’s the difference between Nigella and Delia

Nigella’s shelves are larger……..

In her pantry of course