Lynn dear Lynn


Ah Lynn, Dear Lynn
Wooed from Barnsley to Splott
Her tappets may need oiling
But her adjustables are said to be hot!


One Response

  1. hi, just looking up some facts about the lovely Lynn Bowles, as sending her a charity print for children in need & saw your ramblings (as my nick name from motorcycle racing was rambling Sid).

    Why I contact you, in April 1980 while on holiday in the Gambia I did a tribal dance!
    Is there anyway you can get this on your website please read on:
    I am trying to find a London couple I lost contact with in 1981! Going to the Gambia end of March 1980 returning April 1980, I broke my neck as a fireman in Gloucester a year later, the London couple whose name & contact lost after 18 months in hospital, took cine film of me doing a tribal dance & teaching the natives hands knees & bumps a daisy (remember Kinta Kinte BBC TV 1979)? I have given money to children in need each year for 25 years, hoping for mention on BBC radio 2 to see film! I will add £10 to each year since holiday, to any charity you name if found? Were you on this holiday know them or is a relation? Please contact I hope you can help now a disabled ex fireman? Look on saga I have a blog about it?

    I hope you can help we flew from Gatwick on a 737 March 1980!

    George Ridgeon disabled ex Glos fireman

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