Ode to Charles Nove’s cardigan


Dear Charles you’re a stunner in your cardi of taupe
You’re raising all my desires and longings and hope.
Us ladies of a certain age – after you we do dangle,
Just for the chance to give – your cardi zip a quick wangle!

The thought of you driving your RouteMaster bus,
With its extra strong torque and pulsating thrust,
Makes my heart go a flutter and I’m quite weak at the knees
Can I come and sit on your new chair – with you please.

We could whiz up and down and twirl it around
It’s bound to be good and I won’t make a sound.
So Terry won’t know that his chair you have taken
And I promise all other men – I now have forsaken!


2 Responses

  1. PS

    Dou you like the new image header “on-site?” Thought it livened things up a bit…

    I see you’ve redecorated too – it’s very light and breezy!

  2. Glad you liked the post, Tansy! I hope his Lordship approves (by that I mean Terry, not Chucky!) *Chuckles*

    It’s nowhere near your high perfecting standards but I try!

    All the best

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