the joy of the cold caller!

At least they are usually fairly cheerful – Not this one!:

Very abrupt – Female Caller: “Can I speak to the home owner?”

Me – cheerfully – :  “Why?”

Caller – now  aggressive: – “Because it’s my job”

Me – still cheerful -:  “And might I enquire how you think your rather abrupt manner will advance  your enquiry?”

Caller – now very cross – “Are you or are you not the home owner?”

Me – now finding this funny – :  “As it happens, I am”

Caller:  “We have a special offer on double-glazing..”

At this point I interrupted her spiel

Me – kindly but firm – :  “Young Lady – we do not require double-glazing and if we did – you would be the last person I would contemplate dealing with”

Sadly most of this  was said to a dead line as she hung up!!

Hey ho – But  I suppose it’s a new approach to selling!


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