Eight at The Thatch – Thame

This is the restaurant being run by the winners of the Raymond Blanc BBC TV series ‘The Restaurant’.

We had a wonderful evening there last night – but this was largely – in fact – totally due to the company we were in!

The restaurant itself is a cheerful and happy place. Very friendly and helpful waiting staff and a vibrant atmosphere and very reasonable prices.

As to the food. Well it was OK – ish. Nothing really to set the world alight. Bland was the overall feeling. Lacking imagination and flair. Don’t get me wrong there was nothing to dislike. It was all perfectly edible and pleasant, it’s just I would have expected more from an establishment which is linked so closely to Raymond Blanc!

They just didn’t hit the mark on what should have been: “Really good plates of food!”

The winners were away as Jane has just had a baby. Whether it would have been different if they had been there I don’t know. Somehow I don’t think so as the menu seemed a fairly static affair.

One thing I do criticize them for: No-one brought the Specials Menu to our attention and none of us noticed it until it was too late – that I think is naughty.

Update – 7 May 2008

So that didn’t last. Jeremy and Jane have left “Eight at the Thatch” – According to the press report they wanted to pursue their concept of the Eight Courses which didn’t fit with the Pub/Restaurant at Thame.


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