Is that Major Dickie’s old Chum – Charlie “Over Nova”

Is it really Charlie – known as “Over Nova” in his younger days – due to his relentless pursuit of the young wenches!

Major Dickie last saw Charles at the Training Exercise in 1969 in deepest Buckinghamshire when he and “Over Nova” formed part of the Aerial Attack Team required to capture the enemy position at the base of the Chinnor ridge.

“Over Nova” took the lead in what was to become known as “THE SILENT ASSAULT”.

He launched his Para-glider from the top of the ridge.

At first all went well as a transcript of his final radio communication shows:

Using his unmistakable call sign, Charles called Ground Control:

Nove: “Bluebottle to Flypaper do you read Over?”

Ground Control: “Flypaper to Bluebottle – reading you loud and clear. Over”

Nove: “Flypaper – Bluebottle is now over the target – going in. Over”

Ground Control: “Bluebottle. Message received. Roger. Over and Out”

Those on the ridge watched as “Over Nova” flew over the “Tart and Crumpet” Tea Shop – A hostelry renowned for it’s wonderful fare – and very attractive nubile waitresses – and then watched in horror as he disappeared into the car park.

Then Nothing. No radio call.

Ground Control made one last frantic attempt to make contact:

“Flypaper to Bluebottle. Come in. Bluebottle do you read? Bluebottle – Have you come unstuck? This is Flypaper calling.”

Sadly there was no response.

If Charles is one and the same “Over Nova“, The Major would love to know – WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?



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