The Great British Menu – More fun from Anthony


After Monday’s excitement with the Ducks’ Tongues and Bee Pollen, Major Dickie and I sat down with eager expectation on what Anthony would do with the fish course.

And we weren’t disappointed!!

What a combination!!

Cod’s cheek!

Confit of Cockerel’s crests??????

Chicken popcorn??

And one mustn’t forget the Pièce de résistance: Balloons made from blown up mozzarella!!

Good grief all that messing about to capture a tiny bit of air – WHY??

And Major Dickie got VERY baffled – thought we had changed channels and were now watching some sort of sex-education film.

Then there’s poor old Stephen (the Master Chef winner) looking as if he’s woken up in a parallel universe and got landed with the mad one!

Roll on tomorrow. The meat course. I’m hoping for roasted sheep’s eye-lids with a mousse of cuckoo spit and squirrel nostrils – at the very least!


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