Diary entry – the Swimming Pool

Today is “Pool Day!”

This is when Major Dickie, ably assisted by yours truly, endeavours to reclaim the pool from the various species of wildlife which have taken up residence through the winter and spring.

Having half-emptied it last week to try and get rid of some of the pond life, he is now refilling it.

In goes the PH Minus and the Chlorine – ‘Major Schock Attack’ granules. This is VERY exciting as the pool has now changed colour from a cheerful shade of green to a greying-milky consistency with a very pleasing white foam on the surface. The Great British Menu would be proud of our efforts.

As an artistic masterpiece it may have its merits. As a pool for swimming in – it decidedly does not!

The dead leaves are floating to the surface as I write, along with some rather unpleasant bog-green frothy bits! We should really offer this to some special-effects guy to come and film it. It takes a lot of planning and considerable forethought to achieve this level of putrid soup!

With a bit of luck we will manage to get the water clear and crystal by the time the cold weather sets in again!


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