The quandry about our Birmingham Roller Pigeons

The poor things don’t know whether they’re coming or going! Three weeks ago we let them out and although initially all seemed well, the sparrow hawk took up residence in a local tree and proceeded to pick them off at a rather alarming rate. So last weekend we locked them in again. The sparrow hawk gave up its vigil and appeared to be hunting elsewhere.

Today, based on the view of both Major Dickie and Lord Moor Common (my revered father), I let them out again. Two hours later and the sparrow hawk is having lunch.

Now what to do. It’s the female which takes the pigeons. Apparently the male, being smaller, hunts for smaller prey. The female should be sitting by now and thus otherwise occupied so our Birmingham Roller Pigeons can enjoy the freedom of the skies without the threat of airborne attack. So do we lock them in again for another week or let them take their chance?

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