Swimming Pool Maintenance – Tenacity pays Off!

Well the Algicide has had an exciting effect of the pool. WE CAN SEE THE BOTTOM!!

This is always a treasured moment! Suddenly all the gunk has sunk and the water is clear! There are still patches of foam a la Great British Menu, but Pru Leith – who doesn’t like foam any more than we do – will be pleased to know that the patches are fewer!

Granted the sides look a little iffy. Patches of dark matter clinging to the walls – but these can be dealt with – a good brushing should dislodge them.

The next step involves The Major and the vacuum cleaner. Once he has laboriously – and very, very carefully – run the cleaner over the bottom and removed all the sunk gunk we can throw in the automatic cleaner and Bob will again be our Uncle!

The automatic cleaner – called a barracuda – wanders around the bottom and sides without the need of supervision. It’s not a good idea to use it until most of the winter debris has been cleared as it tends to stir up stuff as well and we would be back to murky water!
At this rate – and weather permitting – it’ll be on with the heater – and we could be swimming by next weekend!


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