Red Kites

One pair of our Roller Pigeons recently had the bright idea of nesting on the ledge of the dovecot instead of in one of the nesting boxes. All was well until the baby was big enough to move – which must have been yesterday! It then fell over the edge and died. End of parenthood for one pair of pigeons.

But hello food for one Red Kite!

I put the corpse out on the grass and left nature to take its course. Which it did some 20 minutes later.

First one Red Kite appeared overhead, then another, then another until 7 were circling at about 60 feet above the garden. None of them had the courage to make a dive for the fodder – presumably as The Major and I were standing watching.

Then finally temptation got the better of one of them and it swooped down to grab it – and missed. So a second one had a go – also missed. Then two more swooped together – the 1st of these got it and was hotly pursued through the trees by the other!

The whole escapade can’t have lasted more than a couple of minutes at the most!

Very exciting whilst it lasted.

The pigeons were VERY unimpressed!


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