Tennis commentators don‘t overdo it!

Broadcast –  (well 1st verse!)

After watching Hickstead on Sunday afternoon where every time the commentators predicted a good round the horse brought down a large number of fences, I offer the following!

Hush Hush and lock up your daughters
Andy Murray is through to the Quarters!
With Murray Mount now if full force
Let’s ALL hope he can go the course.

But commentators – all – please refrain
From Making Predictions on his likely fame
For if one thing is certain to give it the kibosh
It’s all that hot air and exuberant tosh!!


NHS and Pharmacy Regulations (2005)

I refuse to lie down and die over this.  Readers of my blog will have seen my previous post on this subject (if not type NHS into the search and up it will come!).

I have taken the matter up with the PCT Appeals officer – who despite my efforts has tersely put me in my place  – and told me I clearly do NOT have any grounds to appeal!  At least my grammar is better than his!

I have also been in regular correspondence with my MP who has been very helpful.

I really believe these Regulations are ludicrous.  The business to be in nowadays is the Pharmacy business in the UK.  You can march into any area you like without a Pharmacy and set up shop and then close down the opposition (in the form of the local GP’s Dispensary Service) and have a captive audience in the form of all the locals – who, if they live within 1.6 miles of their Surgery can no longer collect their medicines from their GP  Brilliant!  What other business has such control over the competitive market!

The GP surgery who in all probability was relying on the income to help pay for services offered within the practice now loses the income and in some cases faces closure.

I fight on!  The Major is proud of me!


Now’s the time to strip the bushes and make gallons of elderflower cordial. Personally I don’t go for the bushes by the road-side – essence of petrol is not an ingredient I feel adds much to the flavour.

I’ve made about a gallon. Enough for the coming year.

It’s very good with fizzy wine – our very own cocktail – named an Elder Statesman by yours truly. Major Dickie to a T !!

Australia – here I come – well nearly…….

Yesterday I had to have an x-ray taken of my wrist.  All did not go quite as I had anticipated.

On arriving the radiographer – a pleasant young man – but whose English was not as good as it might be, said:

“Are you happy for your x-ray to go to Australia?”

Me – rather surprised at this request

“If Australia feels they might benefit from a view of my wrist then I feel it would be churlish of me to refuse!  I am surprised  – but if that‘s what they want then go ahead!”

Radiographer – now very confused

“They will analyse it for us”

Me – “So the NHS can’t find anyone here to do the work?  Well never mind. Can I go over with it to ensure it‘s safe arrival?  I must be sure they look at it the right way up”

Radiographer – not amused

“We send them electronically.  The result will be back on Friday”

Finally the deed was done, all the bureaucracy completed, lots of signatures and I pottered off home.

Mark you I feel I missed a trick.  I think I should have insisted on being sent to Australia so a more comprehensive analysis of my possible injury could be investigated in full!

Odd though – you’d have thought the UK had people who could analyse x-rays!

A few lines on Maria Sharapova

The men all adore Maria Sharapove
Especially the view when the lady bends over!

Though her unladylike grunts may shake other Wimbledon seeds
Most men adore her verbal misdeeds

For if she gasps like that when hitting an ace
Imagine the noise then she’s in a romping embrace!

the Tennis – what else!

Broadcast – Wednesday 25 June

Look BBC I can cope with watching tennis but – please – stick to the tennis. There is really no need to diversify!

Yesterday evening’s coverage was very confusing. One minute the ladies were bashing the ball back and forth, the next we seemed to be dipping into SpringWatch with a view of some ducks on a lake – that stopped the commentators in their tracks!

Then we were off to a TimeTeam Extra with Chinese Terracota warriors modelled on Tennis Players.

I bet that producer who did Ski Sunday last winter is involved – it has all the hallmarks!

The Longest day


A really bad ditty!

The Longest Day is over
The year is creeping by
Storm clouds of the summer
Rush across the sky

With Autumn fast approaching
The sun is what I seeks
But with Wimbledon now upon us
It’ll rain for the next two weeks!