The NHS and Pharmacy rules! What a winner!

I am totally under-whelmed by the brilliant – and inspired – idea – of the NHS now being rolled out by our local PCT (primary care trust)

Up to now when I’ve had to go to see my GP (a drive of 4 miles or so) he has been able to prescribe any medicines I need and the on-site dispensary has done what it does best and dispensed said goodies. This entailed a walk of about 10 yards from his consulting room to the dispensary!

Not any more! Now – due to the fact that a privately-run pharmacy has just opened within a mile of where I live – but of course still 4 miles from the surgery I go to – I can still get to see my GP – he can still prescribe medicines – I still walk the 10 yards from his consulting room to the dispensary – but now the nice lady behind the counter just hands me my prescription (which she has kindly printed out) – we both look at the medicines I need – sitting there on the shelves – but which I can’t have anymore!

No, No, No! Now I must jump in my car and hurl off to buy them from whatever pharmacy in the country I choose to patronise as long as it’s not them. My surgery has been banned from dispensing medicines to me due to where I live!

Brilliant – this is real progress – but not as we know it! And here’s me thinking we were being encouraged not to use our cars! Good old joined up thinking strikes again!


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  1. I have to agree – this is just STUPID. I just went to our local surgery in Measham. My 7 month old son has conjunctivitis and he was given a free prescription for eye drops . Our nearest Pharmacy is not far away, but it’s on a main road and there is no where to park. I’m not very enamored with getting baby + car seat in and out of the car in traffic on a main road. I tried my hand at getting said eye drops from the dispensary at the clinic, but NO. I had to take my son back home and make another trip in the car to get his prescription. It seems to me that if you are exempt from prescription charges it’s simple common sense that you should be able to pick up medicines from the clinic dispensary. It’s a government rule I was told… I bet that same government will be trying to close clinic dispensaries because they don’t get used much (Catch 22…). I’m going to write to my MP and make my case.

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