The British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride

It was an energetic weekend in the Whitebytts house!

Major Dickie – for reasons which are beyond me – decided to enter the London to Brighton cycle ride.

All well and good I thought a few months ago. That’ll keep the old fool out of my hair for the day.

But Oh No! Our wonderful train operators – in charge of the Brighton to London Line – wouldn‘t allow bikes on their trains on Sunday! – Well Done! What a brilliant response to 27000 potential fares!

So lots of stamping of our supposed carbon footprints! – and the Major looked to me to act as Crew and to provide Return Transport.

Next I discovered he had to be at the start for 6.00 am! 6.00 AM! ON A SUNDAY! …….. IN CLAPHAM!

For the sake of the other listener – I will spare you my response!

All I can say is Well Done to the 27000+ people who did the ride and raised loads of money for The British Heart Foundation!

And if The Major thinks the concept of getting up at 4.30am for anything other than charity is a Bonne Idee – then he is sorely mistaken!

I’m exhausted! And I didn’t ride


One Response

  1. It is disappointing that the trains will not carry bikes on Sunday. It seems the fact that so many cyclist will cause them difficulties results in them just giving up rather than searching for a solution that means cyclist can use public transport rather than private cars and vans.

    Maybe if 27,000 cyclist who took part, pass participants and their friends came together to protest they may – just may – change their policy and put on extra trains at this event.

    How many shops would still be in business if on busy days they closed their doors for fear of over crowding and not being able to cope with demand?

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