Australia – here I come – well nearly…….

Yesterday I had to have an x-ray taken of my wrist.  All did not go quite as I had anticipated.

On arriving the radiographer – a pleasant young man – but whose English was not as good as it might be, said:

“Are you happy for your x-ray to go to Australia?”

Me – rather surprised at this request

“If Australia feels they might benefit from a view of my wrist then I feel it would be churlish of me to refuse!  I am surprised  – but if that‘s what they want then go ahead!”

Radiographer – now very confused

“They will analyse it for us”

Me – “So the NHS can’t find anyone here to do the work?  Well never mind. Can I go over with it to ensure it‘s safe arrival?  I must be sure they look at it the right way up”

Radiographer – not amused

“We send them electronically.  The result will be back on Friday”

Finally the deed was done, all the bureaucracy completed, lots of signatures and I pottered off home.

Mark you I feel I missed a trick.  I think I should have insisted on being sent to Australia so a more comprehensive analysis of my possible injury could be investigated in full!

Odd though – you’d have thought the UK had people who could analyse x-rays!


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