NHS and Pharmacy Regulations (2005)

I refuse to lie down and die over this.  Readers of my blog will have seen my previous post on this subject (if not type NHS into the search and up it will come!).

I have taken the matter up with the PCT Appeals officer – who despite my efforts has tersely put me in my place  – and told me I clearly do NOT have any grounds to appeal!  At least my grammar is better than his!

I have also been in regular correspondence with my MP who has been very helpful.

I really believe these Regulations are ludicrous.  The business to be in nowadays is the Pharmacy business in the UK.  You can march into any area you like without a Pharmacy and set up shop and then close down the opposition (in the form of the local GP’s Dispensary Service) and have a captive audience in the form of all the locals – who, if they live within 1.6 miles of their Surgery can no longer collect their medicines from their GP  Brilliant!  What other business has such control over the competitive market!

The GP surgery who in all probability was relying on the income to help pay for services offered within the practice now loses the income and in some cases faces closure.

I fight on!  The Major is proud of me!


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