We’ve had a visitation – sorry visitor

The Whitebytts household has had a visitor this weekend – a fairly rare occurrence in the general scheme of things!

Over from Arizona in the good old US of A! Arizona Friend was at school with me – to be fair to both of us all I will say is – too many years ago to mention!

We are now fully up to speed on Trash Tracking – an interesting way of spending a few days. Trash Tracking – dear reader – is basically clearing up after others! On the face of it this seems a very unlikely thing to want to do and I have to admit my first reaction was just that. But actually – why not! You don’t get paid but you get free accommodation and a chance to wander along beaches picking up rubbish ! Still not convinced? Well the scenery is awesome – and stunning! The idea of spending nights on a boat and then pottering around on beaches during the day is very appealing.

The Major is really quite keen to give it a go so we could find ourselves winging our way to Tuscon, Arizona to meet up with Arizona Friend and then hurtle north to Lake Powell to ‘pick up trash’.

I, of course – being a woman – am already brilliant at picking up trash! So I will be able to demonstrate this skill in full to The Major who will be impressed!

The whole idea is especially appealing on a day when we are in danger of drowning, Wimbledon Men’s Final could be a wash out and we can’t light a fire as the jackdaws have taken up residence in the chimney pot!


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