Siege on France – Day 1

All went well on the initial stages of our siege on France. We reached Calais unscathed and made inroads past the Fields of the Cloth of Gold and forged on south.

We met little opposition until we hit Paris. Resistance to allowing us through was intense with barricades on the Perepherique and all roads south. Vehicles blocked our path and reduced us to walking pace. The French certainly know how to run a traffic jam – especially at 5.00 pm on the Friday before their liberation day. No sneeking past for us.

We have made camp for the night at Corbeil-Essonnes having taken over a small part of the hostelry called Campanile (which surprisingly has internet access) in this suburb of the great capital.

Major Dickie is planning tomorrow’s advance with military precision.

I am feeling a touch nostalgic as I lived in this area many years ago when I worked as an au pair for an English family at a place called Etiolles.

Vittles in the hostelry were excellent. How come the French can produce wonderful buffet meals for their guests but when the same chain of hotels opens in England the result is much more mediocre? Major Dickie and I tucked in to excellent salads which were fresh and innovative. Lots of choice despite the obvious lack of punters staying the night. This followed by pasta with seafood sauce. We couldn’t have asked for more.


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