Saturday 12 July – Siege Day 2

Up early having not slept that well. The Major tossed a lot through the night – mutterings of past campaigns and sorties!

Breakfasted well and we were on the road soon after 8.00. So were all the French, Belgians, Dutch and – of course – The Germans. Keen to halt our progress south, they succeeded and four hours after departing Corbeil we still hadn’t reached Orleans.

The Major deployed diversionary tactics and veered us off on to side roads! Cunning plan! Progress improved somewhat, with only the occasional hold-up!

It became clear by about 1500 hours that the goal of Perpignan would not be achieved by “Pims O’clock” so Tansy, dear reader, telephoned the rendez-vous and told them “Only once” that the Whitebytts manoeuvre would not be achieved until Sunday. A new rendez-vous was agreed.

We have established ‘Field Camp’ just north of Toulouse in another Campanile hostelry.

Battle will recommence in the morning. We must reach our goal before Liberation Day!


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