Day 3 – Capture of enemy position and establishment of Base Camp!

Up early and off on the route South by 0815hrs. Circumnavigated Toulouse without incident. We obviously outwitted the ‘enemy’ this morning – either that or they had gone undercover as we managed many kilometres swiftly and with ‘pas de bouchon’ which had a certain novelty.

Stocked up on rations – courtesy of a chap called LeClerc – before making for the rendezvous at Lapradelle-Puilaurens – hidden in the mountains – rather late at 1120 hours.

Hand-over of the ‘Forward Operating Base’ (FOB) happened swiftly – Tansy pulled on all her reserves of her rusty French and communication was established and messages understood! We learnt that although we got stuck in a 50+km traffic jam – the one via Lyons was 150+km – so we had chosen the better of the two routes. The best option would have been not to have attempted the manoeuvre on the weekend in question!

We spent the rest of the day re-grouping (not re-groping as I accidentally typed initially – far too tired for any groping at this stage!).

1600hrs – The Major lead a reconnoitre of the area on foot. Established the location of various important positions, such as the Boulangerie and other essential purveyors of vittles.

Returned to FOB for an early Pastis (No Pimms here) followed by dinner of Pork and Rice, washed down with rosé wine.

The Major encouraged an early turn-in!!!!!


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