Day 4 – Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite etc

14th July – a special day for the French! Liberation parades in all the villages. Much playing of the Marseillaise!

After a late start the Major decided on a foray into the Forêt for some reconnoitring of possible enemy positions. We took to the hills. Alone we travelled the dirt roads of the Forêt des Fangs. We had the tracks to ourselves and spent a pleasant couple of hours consolidating our position and surveying the plant and insect life.

Returned for some much needed luncheon and afternoon R and R.

1900 hrs – took a quick run into the village on bicycles. Très dangereuese. Lots of traffic. We retreated to the ‘Forward Operating Base” (FOB). Safer. Can’t trust the drivers around here.

In an attempt to keep up with enemy tactics we watched the telly during the evening. Ended up with a musical progamme. Interesting – French music hasn’t changed that much since the early 1970’s. Plus ça change plus c’est la même chose. If you follow my drift!

Another channel had a Jeux sans Frontiers competition. Sadly the French still haven’t got over the fun of that!

And then – back on the music channel – one of our captains – James Blunt. He’d infiltrated the enemy position and – without them realising – ensnared them with his English charms! Well done! They loved him! Probably didn’t understand a word of what he was singing – but they loved him nonetheless!!

If this is live – I am amazed – apparently 500,000 people are in Paris by le Tours d’Eiffel watching this. Paris should be empty – given the number of cars we encountered on our route south.

Dinner: Salad and paté – rations need to be watched – we could be running out if not careful.


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