Day 5 – Tuesday 15 July – Consolidation of position

Major Dickie marched us up the road to the boulangerie early this morning. But no joy. Plus de croissants! The Dutch got there first. We befriended Madame de Boulangerie and now have reserved rations for the forthcoming days! The need to beat the enemy at their own game is paramount. And rations must be available. The Major must have croissants for his breakfast or he is not happy and – I am sure you understand, dear reader,- I can’t have an unhappy Dickie!

Having breakfasted on yoghurt, honey, bread and jam the Major organised manoeuvres into the hills. We boarded the trusty stead (the Renault Scenic) and advanced with due despatch. A day of exploration followed. We observed many plant species including some wild orchids. Enjoyable driving through mountain passes with lots of hairpin bends which Tansy thoroughly enjoys negotiating. Finally returned Chez nous in time for the Pastis moment.

Dinner: Cuisses de canard – which cheerfully translates as duck thighs – so much more satisfying than duck legs I think – altogether more exciting and hopeful than the English view on food. Thighs sound evocative of things to come……..


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