Day 6 – Wednesday 16 July – Initial skirmish

Assault on the fortress. This required energy and fortitude to scale the heights on foot. The Fortress of Puilaurens is situated on top of what felt like a small mountain! Built to repel invaders – it very nearly won where I was concerned. The Major bounded up like a mountain goat. Wonderful views from the top!

We descended in a circumspect manner. Yours truly nearly letting the side down by missing her footing and then dithering on whether to rescue herself by using her injured hand to steady her descent or just sit down. Indecision won the day and I ended up a) sitting down suddenly, b) trying to save myself with my injured hand and c) yanking my right leg and reminding myself of a previous ‘war wound’! All in all very undignified and encouragingly watched by a party of Dutch invaders making the assent! It’s always important to have a good number of onlookers if you’re going to make a fool of yourself – otherwise it’s totally wasted! I only whimpered a little bit! Still – sticking with the military theme – I soldiered on bravely!

Rations a bit limited today – we missed midday vittles!

An evening reconnoitre on bicycles ended the day.


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