Day 13 – 23 July – Market day

We spent the morning at Quillan market. A day long affair for the clothes section. Wonderful to find a stall selling nothing but socks! The Fruit & vegetables part was only open for business in the morning. We bought supplies.

The alleyways are thick with window-boxes. Really France is Geraniums, accordions and cats sitting in the road!

The Major’s perusal of the paper today elicited the amazing information that John Cleese would like to do away with the Royal Family (British) and put lemurs in their place! Further translation efforts by yours truly discovered this not to be the case! In fact Mr Cleese had turned down an honour (OBE). He is more interested in lemurs than honours. We can all rest easy – particularly Her Majesty!

It is reassuring that the warning sign for a train is still a train with smoke coming from its chimney. Long may it stay as such.


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