Day 7 – Thursday 17 July – Tour de France – 12th Stage.

We encountered one of our neighbours on the way to the boulangerie this morning and got invited to see her cats – all 80 something of them! I think we may avoid her in future!

The road was closed at 1100 hrs. The road closing people came past a bit earlier and stopped by our gate. A nice man kindly let us know about the road closure.

Around 1200 hrs the fun started with masses of ‘Media circus’ vehicles coming past throwing out freebees. “The Caravanne” as the French called it.

Originally uploaded by tansy_whitebytts

The vehicles were amazing! Real carnival float stuff, all being driven at a fair pace. There were lorries done up as castles, large models of Tour de France riders, motorised coffee cups – complete with spoon – and lots more! We had our patch to ourselves and so benefitted from lots of goodies. Bags, playing cards, reflective armbands and lots of keyrings were thrown at us! This lasted for about an hour or more. Lots of other important looking cars and motorbikes came through. The gendarmerie with their blue flashing lights.

Then Helicopters in the sky above. The anticipation was incredible. A Cofidis company car pulled up opposite us and 5 people got out and proceeded to set up a picnic and have lunch! They feasted well then the driver came across and gave us their left overs – including all the glasses and cutlery! An extra win for the day!

Tour de France

Originally uploaded by tansy_whitebytts

Finally – more helicopters overhead – the tension mounted and then – after several 4 minute warnings – through they came. Cyclists with their lycra and sinewy thighs followed by the support cars all shot past in a matter of seconds. And it was all over!

We turned on the telly to watch the rest of the race. And Mark Cavendish won! Horrah for England!


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