Day 8 – Friday 18 July – Assault on the Chateaux!

Major Dickie had us up and away before breakfast! We collected the rations as we passed the boulangerie! Today was an attack on the Chateaux of the region. Shatteringly we managed three. By the end of the day I have to say I was shattered at the chateaux. No more I pleaded.

Each of these edifices were situated on pinnacles thus making any assault rather too vertical for my liking. We started by dealing with Queribus which we did in summary fashion having completed the assault and return by 1100 hrs. Then on to Aguilar Castle – a more remote and less popular location. Very little enemy activity there. The sun was out by now and life was heating up in more ways than one. At Peyrepertuse – our final location the opposition was out in force. The sun beat down on all and sundry – particularly sundry – most of whom were under dressed for the occasion and would probably suffer later.

We partook of some refreshment then made our assent. By this time my legs were somewhat suffering from the unaccustomed exercise they had been subjected to in rather a short space of time. The route to the top was precipitous. Etiquette on path negotiation appeared to have deserted most of the other participants who either barged past or failed to thank when we stood aside. Major Dickie was VERY unimpressed and had to be curtailed from calling muster and lecturing the gathering.

The assent was finally achieved but it was the descent which haunted me. And with due reason. As usual I demonstrated my complete failure to come back down in anything other than an undignified fashion! Failing twice to remain upright on the highly polished rocks and sitting down with a crash – which again reminded me of various injuries I had sustained earlier in the campaign.

The Major drove us back to base in time for refreshments followed by dinner of Moules!


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