Day 9 – Saturday 19 July – Set back!

The Major decided we needed to conquer Narbonne. We made excellent progress and arrived in time for coffee – always important where The Major is concerned. The reason for the trip was to investigate the wildlife – mainly bird life (feathered variety). The Major did spot a pair of Penduline tits making their way down to the beach. I have to say that when tits get that penduline they should not be allowed to be encased in a small bikini but should be controlled and pushed northwards. This particular pair were NOT pretty!

The bird life (feathered) was scarce! We did see a European Bee-Eater, A Winchat Shrike and lots of yellow-legged gulls. But that was about it. After several hours of abortive investigation of the nature reserves we made for the beach – our intention – a gentle swim. But horror of horrors the enemy had invaded and completely taken over the entire area. We had to withdraw. The retreat was not good for morale.

We returned on the motorway only to be faced with yet another ‘bouchon’. Finally reached our temporary HQ at 1900 hrs. Phoned Lord Moor Common to ensure main HQ was still functioning and Blighty was coping without us. All appears OK!


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