Days 11 & 12 – 21/22 July – Further reconnoitring of the area

Days of reconnoitring! Quillan is a pretty town. We managed to infiltrate without the enemy realising and took photos of several strategic positions through the back-streets and alleyways. We will return on Wednesday to meet the market stallholders head-on.

A study of the Gorges of the area has also been achieved both by car and on foot. A visit to the hermitage set deep in the Gorge de Galamus was inspirational. We are now truly gorged.

The Major is now carrying out the morning run for breakfast provender by bike on his own. This allows me, dear reader, more time to rise in a leisurely fashion. Vital for the preservation of bon hommie!

We believe Mark Cavendish (Tour de France) has quit due to preparations for the Olympics.

We visited a seller of wines in the afternoon and came away laden with enough liquid refreshment to keep body and soul together for several weeks!

We ventured out to eat this evening. A pleasant little auberge in Axat provided good provender but not perhaps as cheaply as it deserved. Though The Major waxed lyrical over his tarte aux abricots! The Major likes a good tart!


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