My wrist is better – more’s the pity!

It’s been an interesting week all in all. On Sunday I inadvertently did my back in whilst leaning over the dining table to pick something up (sadly not as exciting as it could have been)! So I have been staggering around rather!

The lovely – dishy physio discharged me on Wednesday. He said my wrist was better and there was nothing more he could do for me. I don’t know I could think of a number of things he could do for me – most probably not involving my wrist!

The Major has been away all week taking photos of strategic positions in the Lake District – at least that’s what he claims to be up to!

He’s been ringing back to HQ every night – at Pimms O’Clock!


Master Chef – cooking should get better than this


So According to the new run of Master Chef –  (The Professionals) :

“Cooking doesn’t get any BETTER than this!”


Excuse me!

I beg to differ!

Servings of Raw chicken !

Undercooked potatoes!

Failed Profiteroles!

For goodness sake – the amateurs did a lot BETTER

I just hope “ Cooking CAN get better than this! “

If it can’t heaven help us all – particularly poor Michel Roux – who looked positively injured last night by the experience!


PS Hope the weather holds for your visit to Guatemala – sadly – for both of us – I won’t be there!!!

Another ode to Master Chef!


Hush hush whisper who dares

Master Chef has taken on airs!

Now professional cooks are pitting their skills

At poaching or steaming or occasional grills.

And as temperatures rise and contestants all sweat

We’re told “ Just wait – You’ve seen nothing yet!”

We’re promised the best in Great Plates of Food

But some are just raw and others just stewed!

So Gregg can shout “No – that will not do”

And Michel can tell them to – “add a small roux”!

Olympics over – and it’s back to Masterchef!!


Phew! Thank goodness that’s all over for another four years. We can all relax back to determined inactivity!

And it’s back to Master Chef – and now we have


But where’s poor old John Terode – ousted by some Roux or other.

I see the Greengrocer has managed to hang on though – still shouting!

But will he Row with Roux?

And come on Michel – you must know the tradition of the show – SHOUT MORE!

We only understand – WHEN EVERYONE SHOUTS!

My wrist

Sadly my wrist is responding far too well to the wonderful massage technique of the all-too-handsome physiotherapist. I will be seeing him again next week – I do hope he doesn’t discharge me……!

I blame that cortisone injection the surgeon gave me a couple of weeks ago!  That really started the healing process.  Though at the time it wasn’t so thrilling!

We must stop using virtual water

So according to one Newspaper this week we’re each consuming over 4,600 litres of water a day. However the majority of this is apparently “Virtual Water”.

So that’s where we’re all going wrong!

No wonder the country is being deluged with  all these downpours. We obviously need to concentrate on getting through more of the real stuff and stop ‘virtual drinking and virtual bathing’!

Major Dickie and I will be taking immediate action and adding a little more Real Water to our evening tipple with immediate effect.

I suggest your other listener does the same.

We must rally the troops and ‘Save the Country from drowning!”

BMX bike event

Good grief whatever next.

Now that Beijing has introduced “ET” style bike racing as an Olympic sport – which seems to require large people riding tiny bikes – perhaps we could bring in peddle car racing in 2012 – after all we appear to be good at winning medals whilst sitting down.