Return to work

Why is it always such a shock?

Ludicrous! You know you’re going back to work. You’re refreshed. And yet 20 minutes after you’re back you feel you’ve never been away! Perhaps it’s the 150 emails to sort out and all the other ‘stuff’ which require your undivided attention.

This last week seems to have gone on forever!

Thursday saw me in the hands of the wrist man at our local hospital. Exciting news. I am suffering from DeQuervain’s syndrome or tendonitis. One cortisone injection later and a specially made brace to fit round my wrist at night and The Major drives me home. I feel very special now! And in a lot more pain! And I’m going to have lots of physio – starting next week. I chose the male physio – let’s hope he is nice and dishy!

Friday. I now can’t move said wrist without much pain and whimpering! Extricated a lot of sympathy at work! I can’t write but I can type – one handed!

A large dose of Jura whisky helped the situation once I was back home!


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